Opinions on my B/X hack wanted. Pretty please?

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Opinions on my B/X hack wanted. Pretty please?

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So I've been tinkering with this B/X hack, on and off for the last few months basically ever since I got sick of play testing D&D Next and I wanted get some second opinions on it.

So what I've got so far is up on obsidian portal: https://skullisland.obsidianportal.com/

So the major changes are:

1. I replaced ability modifiers with resource point pools. The points can be spent on various things. For instance, Dexterity points can be spent to dodge attacks or make additional attacks, but for each point spent the characters' AC goes down by 1 until they get a full nights rest. https://skullisland.obsidianportal.com/ ... -reference

2. I replaced base attack bonus with what I'm calling weapon mastery, how that works is each time a character misses three times in a row against the same target they gain a +1 bonus with that weapon permanently.

3. I tied class features to hit dice, so that each time a player rolls his character's hit die and gets less than the maximum result you get a consolation prize in form of a class feature. https://skullisland.obsidianportal.com/ ... es/fighter

4. AC is determined by the median between your Dexterity, Intelligence, and Perception scores. Armor penalizes AC and grants an ablative hp substitute. Oh and also while classes still have hit dice, they don't get to add a constitution modifier to their rolls, further I've got the idea of capping hit points at Constitution score x2.

I also made weapons break after a character scores a certain number of critical hits with them.

Oh and I made shields better than armor (until they break) as they can block a certain number of hits but never critical hits, and break when they reach their limit.

Okay thoughts?
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