Nov 18th: Dead Gamers Society RPG Rendezvous

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Nov 18th: Dead Gamers Society RPG Rendezvous

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Greetings San Diego friends.

We are in the long spread of time between Gateway and OrcCon and we're all slowly gearing up for the holidays. But the games must go on.

The Dead Gamers Society is having a RPG Rendezvous on Sunday afternoon, November 18th at Cal State Fullerton. All are welcome to this event. Below is our news release on the event.

DGS Organizer

The DGS presents the Fall 2012 RPG Rendezvous featuring the games of Machine Age Productions on Sunday afternoon, November 18th.

Machine Age Productions is a local RPG publisher owned and operated by DGS member and storyteller David Hill and Filamena Young. If you recognize those names, it's because David and Filamena have worked on many World of Darkness games.

The RPG Rendezvous is DGS' periodic RPG micro game con, were we explore the wider world of RPG's.

Presented for your gaming pleasure...

12:30pm to 4:30pm

Flatpack: Fix the Future. GM'd by Filamena Young.

A fresh take on the post apocalyse world. RSVP at the link. ... /88945092/

Amaranthine: Romance, Vendetta, Forever. GM'd by David Hill

A game of immortals. RSVP at the link. ... /88943182/

Maschine Zeit. GM'd by Louis Garcia

Supernatural science fiction horror. RSVP at the link. ... /88945702/

Hunter the Vigil: Razorkids. GM'd by Paul Howarth

Razorkids, David Hill's Ennie Award winning suppliment for Hunter the Vigil. RSVP at the link. ... /88947562/

5:00pm to 7:00pm

Micro Games by Machine Age Productions

A "wine tasting" of RPG's. ... /88949682/
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