Nobilis - A game of Powers Wednesday May 30th

An assortment of game systems and genres. One night only.
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Nobilis - A game of Powers Wednesday May 30th

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Would anyone be available?

I'll build some pregens for ease of play and you'd be welcome to move their points around.

Basic premise would be a familia of Noblis that represent the estates of Candy, Carnivals, Fear, Jack-o-Lanterns, Masks, Pranks, Scarecrows, Surprises, and Zombies welcoming a new member of the family and having to protect their estates from an incursion by an Excrucian hoping to compromise another basic element of Halloween.

After all, you've already lost ghosts and goblins (they only exist in fiction now) and your Imperator would be most cross with a third defeat.

I'll build five pregens. Less if less people are interested. If we only have three players then everyone can have three estates.
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