LF video game RPG adventure writers.

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LF video game RPG adventure writers.

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Hey all. I have been quite busy setting up my basic prototype for computer RPGs in Unity. You can play it here:
http://drewradley.com/prototype/WebPlay ... layer.html

I'm primarily aiming for Android and eventually iOS but that will require that I buy a Mac and iOS device. Anyway, I'm looking for people who can write adventures using my rule set that is a mish-mosh of OGL and other public domain RPGs. I've discovered that writing computer RPGs isn't that much different than pen and paper. Just less flexible in what you can do. And seeing as I am a run-it-off-the-cuff type GM, I find myself struggling to plan out my adventures and could use some people who are good at that sort of thing to help and/or write their own adventures.

I also need help flushing out the system itself. It's just a framework right now with no special abilities or spells or anything really. I have it set up as a shared google document so if you want to help with that or just mock it, here is the link:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LuD ... 67nJs/edit
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