Pulp heroes in the 1930s

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Pulp heroes in the 1930s

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Anybody up for a game where you play pulp-style heroes in the 1930s? :peep: Examples would be Doc Savage, The Avenger, The Shadow, The Green Hornet, The Spider, and their ilk. Dick Tracy, The Phantom, and even very early Batman would be similar in style and scope. Or if you've ever read the "Watchmen" comic book, just take out Doctor Manhattan and everybody else would fit right in.

I'll be using the "Justice Inc." game, which is basically Champions/Hero System but adapted to the setting: not really any super powers available, maybe a gadget or two, maybe one hero would have learned some mind trick in Tibet.

The system is very fast to learn and I've read upwards of 50 pulp novels featuring these types of characters so plots will not be a problem.

Don't even need that many players. :smile:
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