Looking for superheroes!

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Looking for superheroes!

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Anyone interested in playing a superhero RPG? I need 2-5 players for a super-team. Playing style would be 1970s-1980s comic bookish mixed with TV superhero power levels (think the old Wonder Woman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, Isis, and Shazam shows). Not "campy," just fun and pseudorealistic. Characters would be the main superheroes of the city, along the lines of the Avengers or Super Friends, and adventures would range from local mysteries to global threats.

There are several different systems we could use but I would like to try the cool, diceless Marvel Universe RPG which is incredibly easy to learn and use. If not that, then the old TSR Marvel game or the Mayfair DC Heroes games would be good.

I'm in the Lemon Grove/La Mesa/Spring Valley/El Cajon area.
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