Witchcraft: Black Friday

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Witchcraft: Black Friday

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"Hola. You may think your family is strange. But my familia has yours beat. Try this on for size: my Uncle Tomas was killed two weeks ago. The police think it was an accident, what with the fire and all. But really he was murdered by his grandson, my cousin Estaban, who seems to think that he'll get more powerful with every one of us he kills, and he might be right. How do I know all this? My abuela has been up all night talking to Uncle Tomas, because she's a witch. Plus my hermana is a lesbian, and she's a witch too. Well, gotta run his funeral is in an hour..." –Tlaloc Sangre

CJ Carella's Witchcraft: Black Friday
A Modern RPG of
Magic and Dark Secrets for 4-6 players

They are the Gifted. Feared for their unique powers. They have been hounded for centuries, and forced to practice their Arts in secret.

The time for hiding is over.

A Time of Reckoning draws near. It is said to mark the end of an era and the birth of the next or the destruction of all things. The choices the Gifted will make will determine what the future will hold for all mankind. Are you ready?

Six pre-generated characters will be provided for play. Choose from the following:
  • Nana Lupe Sangre, the family's ancient sorcerous matriarch
  • Joaquin Sangre, Nana Lupe's 35 year old great grandson
  • Mercedes Evangelina Sangre, the couple's rebellious daughter
  • Tlaloc Sangre, the couple's teenage son
  • Uncle Tomas, the ghost of Nana Lupe's grandson
  • Maria Flores-Sangre, Joaquin's beautiful wife
Once again I'd really like to game, but I only have until the 19th to do so. If your interested reply to this thread. Witchcraft is a Unisystem game, the first edition corebook is free online from Eden Studios.
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