Planar Vikings with M20, any takers?

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Planar Vikings with M20, any takers?

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I was hoping to experiment with running Planescape with the extremely rules lite Microlite d20. I've got until the 19th, any day before then would be awesome.

I've got so far is...

Unknowingly aided in his endeavor by the reincarnated soul of his lover whom he killed to prevent a magical disaster. The two were briefly reunited in Hell before been shanghaied by a merry band of planar raiders who command the Vigrida, a spelljamming longship crewed by amnesiac ghosts on a quest to follow in the footsteps of Odd the Strange and find the legendary Citadel of Light.

According to legends past down among the Bariaur of Ysgard, the Demiplane of Shadow was once a plane of color and beauty until all of it was drained away by a shining Citadel that has since slipped into the deep shadow and crawls across the darklands endlessly.

The Virgrida enchanted by Odd the Strange with the power to travel to any plane that its crew has visited, provided that they convince it to do so and his sons have acquired a boon from the Goddess Hel that she provide petitioners from Muspelheim in return for a trinket that was stolen from her by Yorg the Shadowcaster ages past.

The only sure way to find it, is with the aid of a Tiefling daughter of a fallen demonic noble house that was entrusted with the fabled clockwork Heart of Aoskar centuries past. The Tiefling scion is hunted by agents of a cross planar secret society who want the Heart for themselves.

Pregens I've been working on...they need a bit of polish, and really the only ones really necessary for the scenario are one of the brothers Oddson, Sir MarKenin, Eurydice, and Alynthia Blackhart of the Black Robes.

Sir Iohas MarKenin, male Human knight of Solamnia
gets +1 to all Skill Rolls
Paladins wear any kind of armor and use shields.
They have a +1 bonus to Physical and a +2 bonus to
Communication. They are immune to diseases and
apply a +1 bonus to all saving throws (this increases
by +1 at 5th level and every 5 levels on). Paladins can
detect evil within 60’ at will and can heal up to 2hp
per level per day by laying on hands. A character
must be of Lawful Good alignment to be a Paladin.

Iohas rescued his lover Alythnia from the Abyss at great cost, he has been possessed by a devil.

Alynthia Blackhart, female Hellbred necromancer
gets +1 to all saving throws.
Necromancer cannot wear armor but can use one martial weapon.
Necromancers have a +2 bonus to Knowledge and +1 bonus to
Subterfuge. They cast necromancer spells, and at first level may raise a skeleton minion (treat as Skeleton Warrior) except that it gains power as the necromancer gains levels. The skeleton has a number of Hit Dice equal to the necromancer's class level. Add one-half the necromancer's level to the skeleton's AC bonus. A necromancer may never have more than one minion at a time. Replacing the minion requires a 24 hour long ritual sacrifice of a single living humanoid. Necromancers cannot be of Good alignment.

Alynthia was killed my her lover Iohas just before she could unleash a plague of undeath that would have delivered the empire of Ergoth into her power and upon reaching the Abyss or more specifically the Nine Hells-she successfully argued that the terms her Soul contract had not been fulfulled by the devil Bael and she had been cheated of her soul and therefore was due a reprieve. This she was granted conditionally.
Shortly afterward she was "rescued" by her former love.

The Planar Raiders...
Sinfjotli Oddson, male Bariaur berserker and brother of Frekki
get +4 STR, -2 MIND, and +1d8 gore.
Fighters wear any kind of armor or weapon and may use
shields. They have +3 bonus to Physical and add +1 to all attack
and damage rolls. This increases by +1 at 5th level
and every five levels thereafter.

Sinfjotli inherited his fathers magical sickle the Impossible Edge. The mysterious weapon is said to be the key to a vast treasure. Sinfjotli doesn't really know what to do with the jagged blade of ice other than stab stuff and keep his grog cold.

Sinfjotli may enter a berserk rage
while in combat, while raging he loses 2 hp each round, his bonus to hit increases to +4 and deals an extra +2 points of damage. To end his rage before all his foes are dead requires a MIND check DC 10 +2 per foe remaining.

Frekki Oddson, male Bariaur raider and brother of Sinfjotli
get +4 STR, -2 MIND, and +1d8 gore.
Rangers can use light or medium armor and can use
shields. They are +1 to hit and damage with ranged
weapons and only incur a -1 to hit penalty when
fighting with 2 weapons. They have a +3 bonus to

Frekki inherited his father's spelljammer the Virgrida.

Arja'zerth, female Githzerai psychic warrior
gets +1 DEX, +1 to saves vs Magic
Psychic Warriors wear any kind of armor
and use shields and can manifest Psychic
Warrior powers and gain a +2 to Physical and
+2 to Concentration.

Arja'zerth carries a Githzerai Karach blade forged from chaosmatter in the fires of pure thought and maintained by her will.

Eurydice of House Nrak, female Tiefling rogue
gets +1 DEX, Cast Light or Darkness once/day (choose one at chargen)
Rogues can use light armour. They have a +3 bonus to
Subterfuge. If they successfully Sneak (usually sub+DEX, but
depends on situation) up on a foe they can add their Subterfuge
skill rank to the damage of their first attack

Eurydice was entrusted with the fabled Clockwork Heart of the dead god Aoskar and keeps it safe beneath her breast.

OR I guess we could just get together and make characters and play raiders pillaging, raping, and burning the heavens...
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Post by mordraine »

I know I'm interested in this. Just hoping it'll happen on a day I'm not in Irvine...
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