[5e] I’ve been DMing an open table/West Marches style game

Seeking players or a GM?
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[5e] I’ve been DMing an open table/West Marches style game

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Hi. I know there is almost no activity here anymore, but I know lots of folks that frequented these boards. I wanted to invite folks to play in a 5e game I’m running. We have a facebook group: The Inquisition of Ioun, a D&D campaign.

I run one session a week for 6 players at either At Ease Games, Eclipse Chocolate, my apartment in IB, or at one of the players homes. The premise of the campaign is a cataclysm has befallen the kingdom of Vosgaard and four factions of the godddess of Knowledge, Ioun, have undertaken a crusade to discover the cause of the event, and recover the discoveries, lore, and knowledge of the Vos before it can be lost. The crusade and its inquistors are based in a flying cathedral called the Saint Ardath (SA) which is kept aloft by prayers sung to Ioun, and each session small parties called quires fly forth in hot air balloons seeking to explore and recover tomes of lore.

All classes even most homebrewed classes, and all races are available for play. Some like dragonborn and elves are slightly different than PHB versions and require a minimum requisite ability score of 16 in Strength for Dragonborn or Charisma for Elves. Making a character requires rolling 3d6 in order 8 times, as I am using both a Sanity score and another Secret score the nature of which will be revealed in time. Basically I recommend rolling scores and then picking a class, because trying to play a Charisma 5 Warlock won’t be easy.

Players are encouraged to play Clerics, Paladins or other divine subclasses like Divine Soul sorcerers or Celestial Warlocks who are dedicated to the church of Ioun.
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