Leaked Videos of Amerca's Army 3

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Leaked Videos of Amerca's Army 3

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Hey Guys,

I thought you might want to see leaked videos of the beta of the game I am working on.


In some of the videos you will here a foreign language being spoken by the enemy soldiers. I designed that language. It is just really cool to see my ideas come into a reality.

This video sort of shows off the sound in my game. At one point you hear cracks. Apparently bullets make a super sonic crack when they are being fired right at you. This version of the game has quite a few bugs though.

Whenever I get confused about D&D alignment morality, I just imagine Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Ghandi arm wrestling shirtless on the back of a killer whale.

In other words, I remember that it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense and deal with it best I can.
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Cool man...Nice job
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