SotC - Time Rebels

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SotC - Time Rebels

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November 23, 2008 1:00 PM
Reserve through ... r/9108661/

Spirit of the Century - Time Rebels
The invention of the "Millennium Watch" has allowed its users to travel back in time. The Millennium Watch's use was limited and it was believed that it is nearly impossible to change history as time protects itself. That was until Dr. Krakaur discovered settle ways to change history and he sent his minions back in time and started to change things. Soon history was aligned so that Krakaur was able to take control of the world government. Now President Krakaur and his secret time police continue to manipulate the time line to maintain their power. However, a small rebel group has risen called the "Temporal Guardians" that try to return the time line back to normal, or at least so that it doesn't lead to Krakaur's rule.

Episode 6 - To Awake the Dragon
Kraukaur managed to manipulate Japan so that they do not attack Pearl Harbor. As a result the US does not join the war which leads to a victory for Germany and Japan over Europe and Asia. The Temporal Guardians must travel to WWII Japan and provoke the Japanese into attacking the US and keep Kraukaur's men from interfering.
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Dude, I signed up for meetup specifically to go to this game. I'm going.
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