D&D DM for kids at Library

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D&D DM for kids at Library

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I run a library D&D program in El Cajon and the librarians said they have a popular program in Lakeside and are looking for a new DM. Here are the details.

[quote]We have had a D&D group (around 10 teens) for about a year now but our volunteer recently had to resign. I’ve posted an ad on Craigslist but have not had much luck finding anyone new. I’m sure our program is similar to that at EC- I provide the dice, books, maps, etc. and right now the kids are just playing on their own. I just bought them four or five new books so they have lots of material to work with- all they need is a new dungeon master. If you happen to know of anyone who might be interested or have any ideas of another place to post an ad, I’d appreciate any info you may be able to offer me.

Kelly Blurton

Lakeside Branch Library


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