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Question from NerdNYC

Post by Skyman » Sun Jun 29, 2008 7:56 am

I came across this at another forum
[quote]Hey everyone,

I ran my first session last saturday of this game, and I thought it would be smart to get some advice from those of you that have played (and ran) the game already.

What I am looking for is:

1. Any tips on any part of the game your think relevant.

2. An understanding of how aspects work. More specifically temporary and just general suggestions.

3. An explanation of the 2/4/6 consequence rule.

Anything else would be nice as well.


Thought you guys would be able to answer this


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Post by devlin1 » Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:46 am

1. "Any tips on any part of the game" I find relevant? That's pretty broad. So I dunno -- here's one. Write scene aspects down on index cards and put them out in the middle of the table for everyone to see. It makes it more likely that the players will be aware of and use them.

2. This is also a pretty broad question. What is it about temporary aspects that's confounding this person? How they're created, how long they last, which aspects are fragile and which are sticky, etc.? IMO, these are all pretty well-explained in the book. But I'm going to cheat and give the same advice here I gave above: Put temporary aspects, on a scene or a character or whatever, on index cards in the middle of the table, then put a Fate Point on the card as a reminder that the first person to tag or invoke that aspect does so for free -- then remove that Fate Point once they do. It's just a handy device to make sure the mechanics are easily enforced.

3. Okay, here's something concrete. The 2/4/6 consequence rule replaces the normal way consequences are acquired. Under this rule, if you take damage that exceeds your stress track (i.e., you take a hit that rolls up past the end of the track, or your take a hit that's simply in excess of the number of total stress boxes you have), you're Taken Out. However, you can avoid this grim fate by voluntarily taking a consequence. Taking a mild consequence reduces the amount of stress from the hit by 2, taking a moderate consequence reduces it by 4, and taking a severe consequences reduces it by 6. You still can't take more than one type of each consequence (barring those Endurance and Resolve stunts that let you take an additional consequence).
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