Dramatis Villainae

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Dramatis Villainae

Post by Uber_snotling » Fri Mar 14, 2008 12:29 pm

Lokpithwee-45: Martian Coordinator

Leadership Guns
Art Deceit Pilot
Science Endurance Resolve Resources
Gambling Stealth Mysteries Academics Athletics

Minions; Minions; Reinforcements (Leadership)
Personal Gadget-Coordinator's Ray Gun (Engineering)
[Ray Gun + Dig-Dug-Style Minion Pumping Enhancer]
Shot on the Run (Guns)

Martian Physiology
High Voice
Nemesis: Magnus Hesche, Swedish Ninja Envoy to New Worlds
Coordinator's Ray-Gun
Earth is our Manifest Destiny!
Humans are Delicious!
Napoleon Complex

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