A Letter to Keiron

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A Letter to Keiron

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Here is the letter Fenny sent along from the brothel to Keiron.


Well now, where to begin. It truly is hard to know in light of all that has happened these past few days. The comedy of the harvest festival…that whelp Maelene…no…I know…the murder of Selanie. Yes, lets begin there.

I can’t understand how we elves have fallen so far for so long. After all the events that led up to Selanie’s murder, it is clear that we are your superiors. I aim to see that the rest of the realm knows that as well.

Oh how I wish I didn’t let my joy slip when watching that young woman loose the shot that fell your mentor, if only to enjoy your pain for a bit longer. Personally, I was quite surprised and even slightly disappointed that he could not sustain more punishment.

Has the young lady shown any remorse for what she has done? I mean, yes I realize that the events leading to Selanie’s demise were set in motion by me but surely the lass must be held accountable to some extent. I mean…didn’t she just react the same way that the villagers did when they killed that mangy pup belonging to Radizze. And, if I know you at all, I am sure you were not pleased at what happened to that circus wolf let alone to someone who has become a bit of a father figure to you.

By now you are probably wondering why I am even bothering to write to you. Well, other than to gloat, as much as it pains me to admit this, I know my destiny is linked to the fate of you and your companions. I am unsure how but I know it to be true. Zhasjoul atleast knew that much though the fool was so wrapped up in the theatrics of the reading that all he could do is speak in vague and cryptic tones.

I plan to find out but in due time. For now there is still plenty of work to be done. There are others who will have to be dealt with as Selanie was and, simply because I can, I promise to have you and your merry men do the dirty work for me. You may try to fight the inevitable but in the end you will fail as I strip away all you have known as truth.

Till our paths cross again,
Fenris D’arqu Ocuulamin
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