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This list is far from conclusive, I'm still in the middle of converting the cyberware. Just figured you guys might like a sneak peek.


A cybernetic replacement arm.
DX up: 12 points per +1 DX for 1 arm, 16 points for 2 arms. (ARM DX)
ST up: 3 points per +1 ST for 1 arm, 5 points for 2 arms. (ARM ST)
Lifting: 3 points per +1 ST* (Lifting ST)

Cybernetic replacement legs
Impact Dampeners: 10 points (Catfall)
Jump: 10 points/level (Super Jump)

An additional cybernetic appendage
Arm: Variable (Extra Arms)
Leg: Variable (Extra Legs)
Striker: 5,6,7 or 8 points (Striker)


Retractable cybernetic claws. Variable. (Claws)

A small, implanted dartgun designed to deliver a toxic payload. 1 points per level (Affliction)

Body Modifications

Allows the user to monitor and edit autonomic functions. 5 points per level (Metabolism Control)

Lung Filters
Filters in the nose and throat eliminate contaminents. 5 points (Filter Lungs)

Chameleon Skin
Dermal implants allow the user to change skin tone and pattern. 5 points per level (Chameleon)

DermOptic Camoflauge
The entire skin is replaced with optic sensors and displays, allowing the user to become invisible. 40 points (Invisibility)

Boosted Heart
Your cardiovascular system has been strengthened. 5 or 15 points (Fit)

Elongated Muscle Fibers
Your muscles have been elongated, resulting in incredible flexibility. 5 or 15 points (Flexibility)

Motor Control Feedback
Your motor control has been fine-tuned. 5 points per level (High Manual Dexterity)

Oxygen Extractors
A synthetic membrane which increases the efficiency of the lungs. 2 points per level. (Breath Holding)

Subdermal Armor
A polymer weave beneath the skin makes the user resistant to damage. 5 points per level (Damage Resistance)

A synthetic larynx allows the user to mimic various sounds. 10 points (Mimicry)

Subdermal Storage
Aka flesh-holster, a compartment hidden beneath the skin. 1 point per level (Payload)

Tactile Feedback
Allows the user an enhanced sense of touch. 10 points (Sensitive Touch)

Nanites repair damage to organic tissue. 5 or 15 points (Rapid Healing)

Wired Reflexes
The body is placed in a state of controlled seizure, allowing unnatural speed and reaction. 100 points per level (Altered Time Rate)


Augmented Cerebellum
Gives the user enhanced balance and coordination. 15 points. (Perfect Balance)

Boosted Reflexes
Enhances the user’s reaction time. 15 points (Combat Reflexes)

Pain Editor
Allows the user to bypass any sensation of pain. 10 points (High Pain Threshold)

Displays targeting data for all compatable firearms. 25 points (Gunslinger)

Allows the user to target multiple enemies. 5 points per level (Enhanced Tracking)

Cortex Coprocessor
An implanted computer which dramatically improves the user’s speed of thought and reaction time. 45 points (Enhanced Time Sense)

A chip implanted in the cerebrum increases linguistic ability. 10 points. (Language Talent)


Small ducts in the hands and feet produce an organic adhesive, allowing the user to climb walls and stick to ceilings. 20 points. (Clinging)

A small, subdermal clock. The display may be seen on the skin, or wired into a retinal display. 2 points. (Absolute Timing)

A small, subdermal compass with integral GPS. The display may be seen on the skin, or wired into a retinal display. 5 points (Absolute Direction)

An integrated calculator allowing direct neural input. 2 or 5 points. (Lightning Calculator)

[Edit: Made some significant additions to the list, although it is not yet complete.]
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