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Post by Lowly Uhlan » Thu Sep 30, 2004 1:41 pm

Ok people, the focus of my gaming has pretty much switched from RPGs to miniature wargaming. Over the past few years I've considered myself as being a minis player that was taking a break to do some roleplaying. I'll RP again but maybe not for a while.

I'm posting an open call for anyone that wants to play any of the games that I'm playing. I've got minis and rules and would like some new opponents. I'll teach you how to play outside of the dmos if you want, we'll call those pick-up games and not use the "D" word, though I would be pleased to no end if the members of these boards show up for my scheduelled events. And I would really like some responses from people who show an interest in "getting into" any of these games, maybe to the point of eventually owning their own mins, customizing armies, playing campaigns. Here's the games I play:

A Call to Arms: Babylon 5 space combat. Great game mechanics, no PHD in wargames required. All of you playtesters liked it.

Mighty Armies: A rules lite game. Fantasy armies clash. 15mm.

Warmachine: A kick-ass game set in the Iron Kingdoms (which I'm sure some of you are no doubt familiar). Spellcasting warcasters control warjacks (more like steam powered golems with magic brains than mecha). There are troops as well. This game is challenging and highly addictive. I'm not the rep, but I love this game.

More info:

ACTA: ... sSeries=28

Mighty Armies: ... sSeries=16


And the beauty of wargames is that it's really easy to sceduele games, you only need 2 players, you play to win, and no one has to GM and write for 3 hours to set up a game. Reply here, get ready to kick some ass.
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