Hyphen-Con Tribe 8

Also known as 'The Hyph' or the more wordy 'rpg-sandiego all-day meet-up'. This is the place to discuss everything related to our yearly November mini-con.
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Hyphen-Con Tribe 8

Post by BlanchPrez » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:10 pm

Here's the characters for my Tribe 8 game, so people can get a brief overview before tomorrow.

Natan Toybane
Banished by Agnes because he “just wasn’t fun anymore,” Natan tends to be a solemn and serious boy. It’s only now, making his home amongst the Fallen, that he feels free enough to be a child for real. A meager 15 years old, he’s devoted his life to freeing the rest of the Agnites from the Fatima’s stifling control.

Cassandra Yanig’on
Cassandra had spent the better part of ten years studying the various collections of prophecy that had been kept from the World Before and written during the Liberation, until the day came when she asked one too many questions about the wrong people. Now, languishing in exile, she has become more convinced than ever of the corruption of the Seven Tribes and the truth behind the Prophecy of Joshua.

Jahanna the Reaver
Jahanna was a Templar of Joan, her blade swift and bright in the sun, her arms strong as the trees, until she fell deeply in love with a Magdalite man and began to neglect her duties to spend time with him. She feigned illness in an attempt to get herself transferred to a post near his home, and found herself exiled for daring to love a person more than her Tribe and her sacred duty.

Danyel Demori’on[b]
A sensuous and hedonistic man, the Concubine found himself falling in love, for the very first time, with a Joanite Templar. When he heard that she was to be outcast for loving him, he renounced his tribe and followed her into exile. He dreams of the day when the Tribes and Fallen are reunited for good under the aegis of the Goddess.


Azaziel was a Judge of Tera Sheba, stern and proud, strong in her belief in the law and justice. Then, a trial happened in her hometown featuring a Joanite that had fallen in love with a Magdalite and had neglected her duties for him. Banishment was the sentence, one Azaziel though too harsh. He dared to defend the lovers, and as a result was banished himself. Now, in the land of the lawless, he seeks to understand the prophecies, especially those of Joshua, to better lead the Eighth Tribe to its future.

Luthor the Hunter
Luthor was a woodsman, spending most of his time in the forests, though he did keep a home near his native Even settlement. He lived simply and happily, one with the world as Eve taught, with his wife and child, until the day a Chained Z’Bri attacked his home while he was out hunting. His family was dead in seconds, and all he found was their mutilated corpse. When he went to the tribal elders for help in hunting this Z’Bri, he was denied. In anger, Luthor hunted alone, finally finding and killing the Z’Bri responsible, only to return and find he had been banished. Now, he seeks a new purpose in his life, trying to overcome his anger at his former tribe.

Robyn Darrin’on
Robyn is an actress, once part of a Dahlian traveling show. She excelled at her craft, and especially like to act in plays about Liberation and freedom. One day, her caravan was in Bazzar when she was approached by two Fallen in search of shelter from pursuing Joanites. Robyn gave them shelter, but a member of her caravan discovered this, and turned her in. Her punishment was to become one of the Fallen herself. Now, she seeks to unite the Eighth Tribe in pursuit of freedom.


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