Revenge is a dish best served...IN SPAAACE! PCs

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Revenge is a dish best served...IN SPAAACE! PCs

Post by mrlost » Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:46 am

Four pregens as promised although you could have downloaded the whole adventure by now and I wouldn't have known it. It is free after all.

Junkie Monkey

Motivation: You got ripped off. NV stole your stash. You want it back!

Backstory: You’re a genetically enhanced orangutan trained in the arts of mechanical repair. At some point, tinkering with robot impellers and star drive redundancy manifolds got boring, so you started smoking pot. Just like the commercials warned, it led to harder stuff – tailored viruses of the pleasure centers in the brain, targeted spinal nerve iontopharesis, and finally, the nadir of the drug experience: Psichosis. A carefully designed nanospore, “psik” not only does the normal drug schtick of making you feel smart, invulnerable and euphoric, it temporarily activates usually-dormant regions of the brain responsible for psychic powers. Thus, the more people around you are high, the higher you become.
You had amassed a big freaking pile of the stuff, enough for a gigantic psik rave, and then this robot supervillain called NV came along and swiped it.

Central Trait: Bioengineered Grease Monkey (2 tokens). As a modified primate, you’re more intelligent than most humans (though clearly no wiser), you’re stronger, and you’re a pretty darn good mechanic. You can also hold stuff with your feet and, if necessary, fling poo.

Side Trait: Drug Addict (2 tokens). You know how to score and slam, and you’re also quite adept at taking advantage of any friends who have yet to abandon you

Note: You cannot talk. You can only grunt, gesture, pantomine, and write notes

Gigobot 5000

Motivation: NV stole your Barry White vocabulizer unit, and your business is suffering. You want it back.

Backstory: Gigolo robots have always been a controversial luxury item, and none more so than those equipped with the nigh-irresistible simulated voice of Barry White. You were making serious money in the Amazon Moon Belt when a robot supervillian named NV – one of the original Seven Deadly Synthetics – snuck up behind you, knocked you out and stole your voice unit. They don’t make them any more – the closest you’d be able to get is Mel Torme unless you go on the black market. You can’t afford black market prices, and anyhow, why should you pay to get a replacement for something that’s yours to begin with?

Central Trait
Robot Gigolo (3 tokens). As a robot, you’re stronger than a human being, insensitive to pain, and immune to the lures of procreation. As a gigolo, you can lay down a smooth line of jive, boogie with perfect rhythm, and please the ladies the way only a selfless engine with no personal interest in sex can.

Side Trait
Starship Pilot (1 tokens). Piloting a ship is like making love to a woman. You just mess ‘round with the controls and pay close attention until things seem to be going well. You own a fly intergalactic ride, and the payments are murder. All the more reason to recover your smooth.

Until you recover your Barry White unit, you can only talk in a creepy, rhythmless, metallic monotone – like the Cylons from the old 1980s Battlestar Galactica.


Motivation: Not much. It would be cool to get the landlord off your back, though.

Backstory: You were built by an evil genius as part of a robot supervillain megateam, but you were never that into it. Known as “the Seven Deadly Synthetics,” you personally got included for symbolic value more than anything else. After LU5T and PR1D3 got junked, the group split up over artistic differences. Since then, you’ve just been, you know, hanging out. Now you hear some dudes are pretty mad at your brother NV though, and you don’t blame them. NV is a jerk.

Central Trait: Poorly Thought-out Robot Supervillain (2 tokens). As a robot supervillain, you’re stronger than most humans, you don’t feel much pain, and you can fly. You used to have heat vision too, but you hocked it to make rent last year.

Side Trait: Stupification (2 tokens). You’ve got this screen on your chest that you activate by pulling a big lever (like an old time slot machine – your builder was into puns and stuff). It disrupts the thought processes of biological beings that can see the display, leaving them distracted and apathetic. Some of your process-servers and skip-chasers are getting wise to it, though.

Pat L’Oiseau

Motivation: NV stole your lover. You want to retrieve your paramour or, failing that, to kick NV’s shiny metal ass.

Backstory: You grew up in Kansas on Earth, attended a small liberal arts college in the Horsehead Nebula and were really just starting to find your way as an adult in the universe when you met Leslie. Les was different from your other relationships, not being a telepath or an empath. (You’ve always been catnip to the psychically aware because of your incandescently beautiful soul.) It was really, really cool to go out with someone who didn’t know what you were thinking all the time, who didn’t know you were lying when you said, “Hey, that haircut looks great!”… but then this smooth talking robot with a Barry White voice got Leslie high, issued an invitation to come see his place in the Asteroid Belt, and your beloved has been gone ever since. You never even said, “I love you” – not from shyness, but because those lousy telepaths always knew.

Central Trait: General Artistry (1 token). In an attempt to cash in on your incandescently beautiful soul, you’ve learned how to play the guitar, write poetry and paint. You can also talk your way into art shows, wear flouncy shirts, and smoke with a cigarette holder without looking stupid.

Side Trait: Incandescently Beautiful Soul (3 tokens). It’s not that you’re a better or kinder or more ethical person: But, from what mind readers tell you, your soul is just… pretty. Telepaths and empaths find you much less unpleasant to be around than most people, and even normal people sometimes find your more than usually charming.

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