Transhuman Space: Resolutions Inc.

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Transhuman Space: Resolutions Inc.

Post by Cthulhu » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:30 pm

So, here's the character Bios:

Theodore Shaw
Theodore was born to a pair of intellectuals living in a Hyperevolutionist Arcology of the coast of Denmark. Theo's parents had Theo upgraded with the untried Sigma genetic upgrade. Theodore's upgrade has given him high intelligence, a strong mathematic inclination, and the ability to think nearly as quickly as an AI. Theo was a bright kid even among Sigma's. He was working with AI programming in his early adolescence, and had written his companion Nephele at age 13. Theodore grew tired of the Arcology's elitist attitude and became an emancipated minor at age 14. Although free to do as he pleased, the Sigma's genetic flaws became apparent as he reached puberty. Theodore is very shy, strongly agoraphobic, and sometimes speaks so quickly that only other Sigma's or AI's can clearly understand him. Theodore gets by thanks to modern technology, allowing him to live largely in virtual worlds. Theodore was living in squalor in a small flat in Copenhagen when Resolutions Incorporated found him and offered him a job. Theodore has learned that nearly every first generation Sigma now works for RI. Theodore avid interest in all forms of information have started to give him doubts about what Resolutions Inc really is and their ultimate goals. He has not broached the subject to his fellow team mates yet.

Milo Abasi
Milo was born in Kenya in 2001. Milo came from an upper class family and earned a degree in medicine after serving a brief time in the military. His career began with Kisumu Biotech only a year before their breakthrough AIDS cure. While Milo was not among those who found the cure, he was on the forefront of doctors bringing the cure to the people of Africa. A BBC documentary crew followed Milo and his colleges during that initial year. The clamor for the cure, the often violent social and political upheavals that followed and eventually created the South African Coalition caught the world's attention, and Milo became a hero of the African people, and a famous figure throughout the world for a brief period. When the new nation was formed, Milo retired from medical practice at the age of 56. His wealth allowed him to pursue any interest he wanted. He has since earned a law degree and worked as a diplomat for Kenya in the years before taking a job with Resolutions Incorporated, who provided him with challenging goals and the chance to work off-world.

Io Foster
Io was born on a Duncanite colony on Ceres in 2074. Like a lot of Duncanites, she was an accomplished pilot at an early age, and was working on a trading vessel by the age of 19. Nearly everything done by Duncanite trading ships is considered smuggling to some degree among neighboring nations, and Io's ship eventually came into contact with the Chinese Peoples Defense Force. Io escaped, but not before disabling a very expensive Chinese defense vessel. While the Duncanites have no government to condemn her actions, they did not want another conflict with a power entity like the Chinese military. Io was “disappeared”, given a new identity and sent to the inner system. It was not long before her skills landed her a job with Resolutions Inc. Io is a pirate at heart, but works well in a group and has a strong sense of duty to her crew.

Rho was a highly decorated officer in the US Spaceport Authority SWAT team. In 2096 Rho was shot dead along with the rest of her team by Trojan Mafia bioroid traffickers. The entire team had been killed and shot in the head to prevent restoration to implicate the criminals. Only Rho's mind was recoverable. Ironically, Rho was the only member of the team with a DNR. Rho does not believe an uploaded intelligence is the original person, and was upset at the revival. When her testimony failed to put away her killers, she quit the force. Since then she has worked as a bounty hunter, catching the ones that got away. As she believes that she is not herself, but a lifeless copy, she is loosing her humanity, wiping painful or distracting memories from her program as she hunts her targets. Despite her near perfect record apprehending her marks, her employment with Resolutions Inc. has grown tenuous as her violent methods have killed targets meant for capture more than a few times. Word among the RI employees is that the latest mission will be her last if she does not improve her conduct.

Daniel Roussos
Daniel Roussos is a Spartan series bioroid created by Biotech Euphrates and commissioned for use in the UN peacekeeping forces. As a bioroid, Daniel was a combat ready adult at age 10. He and the rest of his batch were legally minors in the UN's care until they are emancipated at the age of 18. Daniel saw a good deal of fighting around the world and in Earth Orbit during the Pacific War in those eight years. During peacekeeping actions in Africa, Daniel was nearly killed defending an embassy building in Mozambique from local militants. It was in the defense of this building that he attracted the attention of Milo Abasi, a new Resolutions Inc. employee who convinced the company to hire him as soon as his term with the UN was up. His bioroid series is known for it's physical prowess, and implanted upgrades that RI has given him have made him a perfect weapon. Like all Spartans, Daniel is a soldier at a genetic level. He has a difficult time with the civilian side life. His is very well disciplined, but is not really sure what to do with the freedom he has. He often finds himself at work related tasks on his time off, at a loss for anything else to do.

Howard is an Inceres Uplift, Gentech Pacifica's answer to Biotech Euphrate's Astropus series uplift. Unfortunately, the model exhibited a fondness for pranks and free spirit early on, neither of which were selling points to maintenance companies that typically purchase them. The troublesome project was terminated after two generations, with all created specimens confined to corporate facilities to protect genetic copyrights. Howard was more clever than most however, and escaped the facility where he worked. Howard found his way into the hands of a sapient rights group, who got him a position with Resolutions Inc. The company gave Howard training far outside the normal maintenance worker skill set and plans to put him to use as the first uplift in a resolution team. Although free, he is still legal property of Gentech Pacifica, and the company would be very interested in having their property returned. Howard and Theodore have become friends in the recent months. A friendship founded mainly on shared fears and anxieties, and their nearly alien mindsets. The two work well together and RI's decision to add an uplift to a Resolution Team is largely based on this.
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Post by Digital_Boy » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:05 pm

hmmmmmmmmm. one shot or a regular campaign?

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Post by devlin1 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:20 pm

[quote="Digital_Boy"]hmmmmmmmmm. one shot or a regular campaign?[/quote]
This was for the one-shot Cthulhu ran at Hyphen Con a couple weeks ago.

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