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PostPosted: Sun Sep 05, 2004 12:51 am 
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I have certain expectations when I run a game. I feel it's good to get these out early, and I think you'll find them rather reasonable.

Have Fun!
Probably the most important aspect of any game, yet it's surprising how often it's overlooked. I expect you to have fun in my games. If you're not having fun, there's something wrong and you need to bring it up. Even a single person not enjoying themselves can bring the whole group down.

Be polite.
Treat the other players (and the GM, if you're so inclined) with courtesy and respect. Should be obvious.

Be on time.
Nobody wants to spend their day off waiting around. I'm not going to dock anybody XP because traffic was bad, but please make an effort to be on time. Also, if for some reason you can't make a game, please let the rest of us know as early as possible. Certain characters are often integral to my stories, and their absence can throw a wrench in the works. Also, if a game is to be cancelled, I want everyone to know in time to make other plans.

Intoxication in Moderation.
I used to have a strict no-intoxication policy for my games. In recent years, I've realized this was unnecessary. That said, this game will require thought, planning, and problem solving... please maintain a level of sobriety at which you can still do these things.

Know your character.
As your character develops, I expect you to understand the effects of their advantages and disadvantages, to keep track of the people they interact with, and to remember things that they should know. I'd highly recommend bringing a notebook to the games to keep track of this. I'm always willing to repeat information if you need to write it down. Along these lines, I expect you to maintain two separate equipment lists, one for the equipment your character owns, and the other for the equipment your character is currently carrying. These lists should be kept up to date... if something is on the latter list, you're carrying it, if it isn't, you're not. Finally, I keep a copy of each character sheet in my game folder. Any time you make a major change to your character sheet (I don't mean losing hit points during battles and the like), please make sure to change the copy I have as well.

"The sidhe cell sells sea shells down by the sea shore."
-Mordaine, running a Changeling game
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