Orcs: Savage Asskickery

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Orcs: Savage Asskickery

Post by Gotetsu » Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:12 pm

Ok, here's what I have so far for the setting for the Orcs "campaign" we started. It seemed that everyone enjoyed it, so I thought I would flesh it out a bit.

Note: This description is written from the point of view of the Orcs, as they are the race played as PCs in the campaign. Everything here is generally considered “common knowledge” but is subject to change based on new discoveries by the Player Characters.


Azkur is a large, somewhat isolated region west of the Dragonspine mountains. It is home to many humanoid tribes and cultures, who all seem to war with each other as often as they are at peace. It is said that if anyone were to unite the various cultures, they could pose a serious threat to the rest of the world.

As it stands, Azkur is a haven for most of the humanoid races. As an economic region, its primary export is mercenaries. The Azkurians have long been a source for armies, guards and soldiers. Most often they find employment with warlords and wizards seeking a military advantage in a bid for power. However, in recent centuries, with the rise of Undar and peace accords between the humans and orcs to the east, there hasn’t been much use for large armies of humanoids. This has created a time of unrest among the peoples of Azkur. Tribal warfare is very common, as well as the constant threat of the Junds from the west, a savage human culture, which was at one time an offshoot of the Undarian clans.


Azkur is a region made up of several climes. The north is primarily plains and rolling hills. The east is dominated by thick forests butting up against the Dragonspine mountains. The south is also forested, though not as thick, and dotted with rocky outcroppings and small mountains. The west is a vast marshland known as The Vast, which, rumor has it, leads into an expansive desert waste.

Much of the commerce of the region takes place in the central area, where the southern forests give way to the northern plains. These plains are also the site of many battles. Many of the tribal and clan wars have taken place here, regardless of where the opposing sides originally hail from. This area is often referred to as The Bloodfield.

The land is dotted with ruins from an ancient culture that once inhabited this region. The ruins are often decorated with strange and alien glyphs and markings, and many of the humanoids avoid them out of superstition and fear of the supernatural.

Overall Culture

Though each race maintains their own language, there has sprung up a sort of “demi-common” that most inhabitants speak, commonly called Tung. Tung is an amalgam of Orc and Goblinoid, the two dominant languages, and if one speaks either of these, one can usually grasp about half of what is being said in Tung.

As was stated, much of the region is known for producing warrior and mercenaries, and many younglings often leave Azkur when they reach “fighting age” (which varies from race to race). However, a large number stay and each race and culture has carved out a more pastoral niche of their own.


Orcs are very numerous, particularly in the southern half of Azkur. This is mainly due to the orcish empire of Uzghuk being just beyond the Dragonspines. Their society in Azkur is still a bit primitive when compared to the complex culture that has developed in Uzghuk. Azkurian orcs live in villages and towns, with no real “cities” to speak of. These villages range in size from less than fifty occupants anywhere up to around five-hundred. Many of the orc villages lie along the Agrimar River, which separates the orc lands from the Junds to the west. These villages are primarily fishing villages, and supply much of the fish in Azkur. The forests of the orc lands are thick and abundant with game. Hunters and trappers are common here.

Though most towns and villages are relatively small, there is what passes for a single city. Deep in the forest is a huge stone plateau, on which is an ancient fortress. At one time it was no doubt a grand site. But centuries of disuse and weathering have crumbled it somewhat. Still, the orcs find it a strong place and have deemed it the Hall of Chiefs. The Hall is where the many clan and tribal chiefs gather, usually once a year, to discuss the goings on in the area, form trade alliances, and generally “govern” the orc culture. At these meetings, all Chiefs are seen as equal, regardless of the size of their respective villages or towns.

Other races to be described later: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Ogres and Gnolls.
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