Extended Casting TIme for Spells

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Post by plaidrhino » Mon May 10, 2004 1:13 pm

I would like to get your opinion as to whether or not to implement a new house rule.

Extended Casting TIme for Spells

Both arcane and divine spell casters can benefit from voluntarily extending the casting time of their spells. By focussing their concentration beyond the normal description of the spell, the caster increase the effectiveness or difficulty for resitance of the spell being cast.

In essence, for every full round the caster extends the spell beyond the normal casting time, the caster can choose 1 effect from below:

1. Increase the effective caster level of the spell by 1.
2. Increase the save DC by 2.
3. Add a +1 concentration bonus for overcoming spell resistance.

Of course this comes with some inherent disadvantages. Any damage taken during the extended spellcasting time incurs the same effects as if the spellcaster had been struck during the initial casting. This main difference is that mishap effects (failure by more than 5) are limited to causing mana burn (d4 per level of the spell) to the spellcaster whose spell was disrupted. In addition, the spellcaster will need to make a sucessful concentration check versus a DC of 10 plus the spell level plus 1 per each round extended. This check must be successful each round. For example, a wizard is casting fireball and extending the spell casting time by 3 rounds. During the next 3 rounds, the wizard will need to succeed at concentration checks with a DC of 14 , 15, and 16 respectively.
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Post by smartmonkey » Mon May 10, 2004 2:29 pm

Thats pretty cool... the effects you can pull off are nice, and the tradeoff is the increased vulnerability...

Heh, I think Chris was the "me smash!" vote.
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Post by Neuro » Mon May 10, 2004 4:41 pm

I was the indifferent vote. What power is given to the characters is given to their enemies. The tradeoff I see goes beyond increased vulnerability.
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