We Are, We Are . . .

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We Are, We Are . . .

Post by Dragonkin » Sat Dec 01, 2007 10:46 am

. . . The youth of the nation.

Personally, I think it's about time.

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Post by Count Zero » Sat Dec 01, 2007 12:24 pm

The idea of throwing a kid in prison for life is nutty to me. I don't know how we ever got there. I honestly think these sorts of vicious crimes were always happening, but with the rise of the information age, we are just more aware. I think access to informatin has been part of the freak-out in our culture recently. Crime is way down, but everyone things the streets are more dangerous. We are safer than we ever have been, but we are more afraid. I think that is in part because we are aware of a horrible crime that happens 1600 miles away, that will never really effect us.

It is just like the people who think the end times are coming because of all the earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters. It couldn't be that we just know about them more than we did 50 years ago.
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Post by JALU3 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:59 am

It's not that all crimes committed by minors are prosecuted as if they were adults, just those that are violent or extremely grevious. If a minor, with the mental abilities of an adult, but lacking the experience, wants to go out there and commit violent crimes, like say pre-meditated murder, then sure . . . lets prosecute them like an adult.

However, in the same note, I have to say our corrections system, as large as it is (and over crowded), spends to much time punishing the convicted offenders, rather then attempting rehabilitate them for the society they will reenter. For, the rate of previously imprisoned offenders to return to jail is so high it shows that there is very little attempt what so ever to return these people back into a lawful society.

If we are able to rehabilitate offenders the first time around, give them the abilities, to earn/work for a decent living, and then improve on that, then they wont become repeat offenders.
However, I am sure there is some lobby out there that seeks to have criminals become career criminals.

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Post by Scolopendra » Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:43 pm

I agree with Count Zero on this one. If the DoJ statistics are anything to go by, people are slowly getting less violent over time. Unfortunately, contentment breeds sloth and apathy, while fear gets ratings and votes. It doesn't matter if the kids aren't killing anyone; what's important is that everyone thinks that they are and that they see what Smith Comma John, Human For President, is doing to stop this endlessly surging tide of youth killings.

I also agree with JALU3 that our system doesn't work on rehabilitation. The problem is that we don't know how to rehabilitate people. Hell, as a society, we're not particularly good at habilitating (on a social level) in the first place, given how we are oh so afraid of indoctrinating our kids... never mind that any and all successful, surviving societies, no matter how benign, have to indoctrinate the next generation with how to act and treat others in order to simply exist.

I don't think there's a lobby for career criminals so much as we can't be arsed as a society to make the effort to rehabilitate criminals while at the same time we're not cold-blooded enough to simply hang them all like in the bad old days. So instead we dump them out of sight, out of mind, among plenty of other people, and without any other feasible option the petty criminal becomes a hard-boiled one with a master's in disaster from Penitentiary University. Then some people manage to profit off of the side-effects (if it bleeds, it leads) and the cycle perpetuates because it's the path of least resistance.
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