MAY Elections

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MAY Elections

Post by JALU3 » Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:49 pm

Just to let everyone know
In the City of Chula Vista, there will be a special election in early May, requesting to increase the city sales tax by 1%. There is literature out there for and against the Proposition (labeled A). I suggest that you read the impartial analysis prior to voting. I have come to my own decision on the mater, but I would rather those in my city know, and come to their own opinion than be influenced by me. However, if you would like to know my Opinion, and the reasons why I will be more than happy to share them with you.
There is also a Statewide Special election in mid May as well, with 6 Propositions, mostly dealing with budgetary issues, that are up to a vote. Against I have come to my own opinion on all of them after reading the literature provided, but I would recommend going to the impartial analysis first.

Well I have not recieved my ballot by the mail, so I went ahead and went to the Registrar of Voters on Ruffin Road to vote. Therefore there will at least be at least one vote in this election :-D

Now I wont speak to the State Propositions, which I found out will be occupinied by a local proposition in the City of Coronado as well.

As for the Chula Vista special election regarding the increase of the city Sales Tax. Both signage from the Pro and Con sign that I have seen have been deseptive. Of course you wouldn't know it if you didn't read the impartial analysis which is available here. To clarify the funds recieved from the increase in sales tax will not only go, or specifically be set aside, for the Fire Department, the Police, or Education programs. Per the language of the proposition the funds will go into the City's General fund, where it can spend it where it sees fit. Furthermore, the city's sales tax will not increase by 10%, rather a one percent (1%) city sales tax will be added to the 7.25% sales tax levied by the state and the 0.5% sales tax levied by the county, equaling to a total sales tax in the city, if this passes, off 8.75%.
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