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 Post subject: Story Games event at Villainous Gaming Lair
PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:41 am 
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I thought you all might be interested in this. Villainous Gaming Lair (the new game store up in Normal Heights accross the street from Lestats) is hosting 5 rpg games using some awesome new systems like Fiasco, Monsterhearts and Dread. You need to signup at the store (you can prereg at the store before the event) and it looks like a lot of fun. Below is the information.

We are ready to start taking sign-ups for Crystal Caverns. As it currently stands there will be six seats for each session, so be sure to register soon as they may fill up fast. Below is a brief description of each session and the system that each one will use. The price will be $5 per session or $20 if you preregister for all five. The games will be held a 4:00 P.M. on each Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November.

Session 1 – Sangreal (October 7)
Event minus 821 years
1191 A.D. The Third Crusade has brought war to the Holy Land for nearly three years. Recently, the city of Acre fell to the crusaders. In the wake of the siege, a small group of crusaders and their captives from the fallen city became separated from the Crusade and lost in the wilderness. Seeking a way back to their comrades, they instead find a city hidden in the desert. A city where whispers tell of a vessel containing magical blood. But if the crusaders think they've found the Holy Grail, they are in for a terrifying surprise.
System: Dread – Dread is a diceless game of horror and hope. Character creation is handled by filling out a questionnaire and task resolution relies on a stack of Jenga blocks. Topple the tower, and your character is dead or worse!

Session 2 – The Awakening (October 14)
Event minus 24 hours
Crystal Caverns is a weird place to grow up. No one knows it better than a small group of students at the local High School who are themselves a little weird. As Halloween approaches, these young monsters encounter signs and portents that something terrible is about to happen. What is going on? Can it be stopped? And will it interfere with the Halloween Dance?
System: Monsterhearts – A story game about pretty, angst-filled teenage monsters (think Twilight if it didn't suck). Character creation builds a complex web of relationships between the characters that will drive the story forward.

Session 3 – Ricky's Halloween Party (October 21)
Event plus 15 minutes
When hordes of nightmare creatures arose in Crystal Caverns, no one was prepared. Least of all the guests at Ricky Hart's annual Halloween party. That these guests were probably the most pitiful collection of losers, freaks, and petty criminals in town should not diminish the pity one feels for their terrifying night holding back both the forces of darkness and their own massive personality problems.
System: Fiasco – In Fiasco, players create a group of people with competing needs and desires and then act out scenes describing how their carefully constructed plans go to pieces. No one really wins, but no one has a bad time either.

Session 4 – Count Me Among Thy Saints (October 28)
Event plus 6 hours
Something terrible has happened in the tiny Maine town of Crystal Caverns, and confirmation just came in that whatever it was, dark forces were involved. For the first time in centuries, protocols as old as the Church are put into effect and a group of elite killers, trained since birth to combat just such a threat, are dispatched to the besieged town. Their orders: eliminate the servants of evil. And methods necessary are authorized. And EVERYONE – including team members – is expendable.
System: Hollowpoint – Hollowpoint is like an action movie on the tabletop. The player characters are elite agents, the baddest guys and gals on the planet, with a mission to accomplish and all the firepower, skill, and guts they need to accomplish it. Though that doesn't mean everyone will make it through...

Session 5 – Historical Accuracy (November 4)
Event plus 18 years
Nearly two decades ago, something dreadful happened in the town of Crystal Caverns. The details of the event are shrouded in mystery to this day, but now an intrepid filmmaker is determined to tell the true story of what happened that terrible night. Of course, filmmaking is not an easy business to begin with, and there are those in the cast who refuse to let a little thing like “what really happened” get in the way of their big break.
System: The Play's the Thing – This game (normally Shakespearean, but highly adaptable) is all about taking a story everybody knows and turning it on its head. Players take the roll of actors in a cast and then use their acting talents to bend the story to their own design – whether the director approves or not.

Each of these systems is quick and easy to learn, so there will be plenty of time to play through each section of the story without getting bogged down in teaching the rules. Also, each session – while contributing to the overall story – also stands alone, so if you miss one or more sessions, you will not miss out. But to get the full story will require all five.

Crystal Caverns – Some Towns are Just Born Bad

 Post subject: Re: Story Games event at Villainous Gaming Lair
PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:13 pm 
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How's this store? It seems like a weird location for this type of store, but you can't complain about any store being a block away from BLAH and Mariposa Ice Cream.

 Post subject: Re: Story Games event at Villainous Gaming Lair
PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:09 pm 
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Love it

 Post subject: Re: Story Games event at Villainous Gaming Lair
PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:25 pm 
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It is small but has a good variety of rpgs including small press games but also the major stuff like WH40k rpgs, Pathfinder, D&D and Savage World. They also have a bunch of old White Wolf stuff.

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