How to run Operation Jungle Drums

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How to run Operation Jungle Drums

Post by mrlost » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:21 pm

So my friend Redfox has been asking me to run Heavy Gear in addition to the D&D sandbox game I've been running. So since I've only played a short campaign and Operation Jungle Drums twice. I thought running a Jungle Drums one shot might be a good idea since running too much tends to lead to burn out.

So my understanding is that Jungle Drums is sort of a No Win Scenario. Eventually, something will go wrong and the PCs get captured. I don't yet have the adventure. I'm going to order it, and read it after I relearn the system/setting.

Also which version of the adventure is compatible with 2nd edition Heavy Gear? Which reminds me, I need to get my corebook back from Redfox who has been borrowing it for a few months now.

EDIT does anyone have any tips on running the adventure?

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Post by cczernia » Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:16 pm

Man, I didn't even see this post.

Well, you played in it with the person who has probably ran it the most so you should have a good idea how it goes. The version of the game for HG 2nd is called Operation Jungle Drums Redux. I've never seen the original.

I've never ran it but played in it twice. Both times I find it important to make sure the PCs focus on the relationships to the other characters. This creates some great roleplaying.

You can also try the thing where the commander is yelling at you and how you screwed up then flash back to the game (this is not actually part of the adventure).

Also, To Peace had created a lot of extra material for the game. You might try PMing and seeing if he can send it to you.
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Post by Count Zero » Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:29 pm

Chris is pretty much dead on there. The relationships are key. I would also recommend not using the gears they recommend in Jungle Drums Redux. They are just way to powerful. Go with basic gears. If it calls for a specialty model (i.e. Command Jager) just go with the regular chassis (i.e. Jager).

Also, make sure to do the briefing at the beginning. The commanders are serious men, and play up the military structure. Watch some movies, but don't to caricatures. The characters in charge are serious people. They don't fuck around. Practice the briefing. These characters are professionals. A good source for behavior would be a show like Generation Kill. The key to the game, just like Generation Kill, is the camaraderie between the characters.

Also, don't be afraid to kick the shit out of the players a bit. The forces they are fighting are nothing to shake a stick at. Take some time to think about the combat scenes and what the fights will feel like. Of course, stress to your players who might not know that gears aren't battlemechs, but light combat vehicles. They can't take a lot of hits. Play up the grittiness of the setting and system. Go for the gritty, realistic style rather than action movie. Heavy Gear is a military/war RPG.
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